Pro Veritate - Melbourne Virtual CFO

Business Confidence Comes Through Understanding Your Numbers
– and We Can Help.

We provide financial modelling, forecasting, strategic planning and financial control
to privately owned and family-owned businesses.
These services help you make better decisions using data, not gut-feel.


See the big financial picture and make informed decisions.


Sleep soundly at night knowing the near-term future of your business is under control.


Make your business plan real with financial models customised for you.


Plain language explanations of what matters financially to your business and why.

Our Mission is to give business owners the confidence to grow their business

Pro Veritate is a Melbourne based Virtual CFO practice helping owners of small and medium size businesses to sustainably grow.

Michael Stapleton — Founder

Meet founder, Michael Stapleton

Reassuringly more physically present than virtual, I’m here as your financial partner to help you grow your business sustainably.

I am a pioneer of the Melbourne based Virtual CFO industry.

Watch me explain the who, what, how and why of a Virtual CFO in this appearance on Sky News Smart Money program:

Our approach to working together:

It starts with a partnership

By working with us, you’ll experience a sense of shared responsibility, with a collaborative, proactive approach to the growth ambitions you have for your business.

Your financial education is key

Forget columns and rows of numbers. Our visually based reporting is designed for those without a financial background, making it easy to interpret and understand.

We know what banks need

With a background in banking, we help you produce meaningful financial information for the bank, making it easier for you to gain access to funding.

You will never be locked in

We want to help you in a way that’s meaningful to your business. So, our arrangement is on your terms, with no locked-in contracts or caps on contact.

We treat each business as unique

We are expert financial modelers. Our bespoke, customised financial models reflect and capture the unique drivers of cash flow for your business.

Pro Veritate can transform your entire business


Are you ready for the Truth? We can help.