Virtual CFO services to help you make better financial decisions.

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For the confidence to sustainably grow your business

There’s a treasure trove of financial information in your accounting software already. By unlocking transaction-level data and transforming it into valuable insights, we empower you to make better decisions for the future of your business.

Michael offers us advice and provides critical feedback

Here’s how it works

Step 1

We talk to you about your business and review your historic financial information. It helps us understand the drivers of your business and its current financial position.

Step 2

We analyse your business using the drivers of cash flow as our lens. This lets us set up monthly reporting that is relevant and specific to the needs of your business.

Step 3

Armed with the knowledge from the first two steps, we customise a package of services to meet your unique needs.

Step 4

We turn your business plan into a three-way financial forecast using our flexible and customisable forecasting tool. You’ll clearly see the capital requirements of your plans.

Step 5

We meet monthly to help you understand where you are financially. We help you understand what drives the difference between forecast and actual outcomes. We talk you through the updated financial model, so you understand the projected outcome for the end of the financial year.

Step 6

We use your accounting software to drill into the key drivers of your earnings and cash flow. This deeper analysis generates actionable insights that help you make good decisions and grow sustainably.


Q: Will I get value from a Virtual CFO?

A: All of our services are bespoke, not set off-the-shelf packages. This means you’ll get financial advice and models created especially for your business. The virtual nature of our arrangement is no barrier to meeting the outcomes of a CFO role. Nor does it mean we only speak on the phone or via video. We like to meet clients regularly for face-to-face check-ins.

Q: You’re not an employee of our business. How much attention and commitment will my business get?

A: We choose to support a select group of clients at one time. This means we can be present, available and proactive - not reactive - to your needs. We hope you’ll start to think of us as an extension of your team. We can also support you beyond the financial side of your business, offering accountability, informal business advisory and mentoring, among other things.

Q: Why do you focus on cash flow?

A: We focus on the drivers of cash flow because this results in a comprehensive analysis of the financial position of your business. These drivers encompass both the earnings of your business and key segments of your balance sheet that are critical to cash generation and use. We want to give business owners like you the information you need to make informed, empowered decisions. Through financial modelling, you’ll get a clear line of sight on your cash flow and the critical factors that are likely to affect it. This kind of financial modelling is not typically available to SMEs. When used properly it gives you a competitive edge.