About Pro Veritate

At Pro Veritate, our calm and measured approach, commercial smarts and expertise in financial analysis are highly regarded by our clients.
We want you to grow your business sustainably, making well-founded decisions grounded in a thorough understanding of your financial position.

We help you through a blend of plain speaking, financial modelling, strategic planning and financial control services. We focus you on the drivers of your cash flow and making data-based decisions - because that’s where you’ll find the truth.

Michael Stapleton — Founder

About founder, Michael Stapleton

I’m a former banker turned Virtual CFO with truth and honesty at the heart of everything I do. While banking, I saw firsthand how many SME owners struggled to produce meaningful financial information and missed out on funding. It seemed to me that business owners needed help to overcome this challenge. This inspired me to build the financial models and reporting tools that can help you understand your numbers and grow your business sustainably.

I’ve been a Virtual CFO since well before the term was commonplace. Initially, I called myself a cash flow specialist. It was a eureka moment when I discovered I was doing the work of a Virtual CFO.

I later co-founded the Association of Virtual CFOs, to support the visibility of the industry. A decade on, I help business owners like you get clarity on your finances and plan with confidence.

Clarity comes through financial education and demystifying jargon. My visually presented financial models and reporting tools are designed to help all business owners understand the key drivers of their earnings and cash flow.

Above all else, my approach to business is relationship-driven. I enjoy face-to-face contact and seeing people in their environment to get a sense of the full picture. I work best collaboratively, as an extension of your team, to make a deep and lasting financial impact.

What we guarantee

We believe in empowering you with financial knowledge, which leads to confidence.

Confidence that you know where you stand, why you’re there and where you’re headed. We want financials to be one thing you don’t have to worry about.
You get to focus on growing your business knowing the financial side is under control.

Our approach to working together:

It starts with a partnership

By working with us, you’ll experience a sense of shared responsibility, with a collaborative, proactive approach to the growth ambitions you have for your business.

Your financial education is key

Forget columns and rows of numbers. Our visually based reporting is designed for those without a financial background, making it easy to interpret and understand.

We know what banks need

With a background in banking, we help you produce meaningful financial information for the bank, making it easier for you to gain access to funding.

You will never be locked in

We want to help you in a way that’s meaningful to your business. So, our arrangement is on your terms, with no locked-in contracts or caps on contact.

We treat each business as unique

We are expert financial modelers, who don’t rely on off-the-shelf financial modelling software that’s hard to configure for each individual business. All our models are bespoke and customised to reflect and capture the unique drivers of your cash flow.

Michael helped me understand the importance of forecasting cash flows

Do you want to better understand your business cash flow?
We can help.